NATPE Budapest Spotlight: ITV Inter Medya


BUDAPEST: ITV Inter Medya is putting the Turkish drama Endless Love in the spotlight for NATPE Budapest buyers.

The series, produced by Ay Yapim, tells the story of two young lovers, Nihan and Kemal, who inhabit separate worlds in the same neighborhood. Another Turkish drama highlight from the company is In Between. Can Okan, the president and CEO of ITV Inter Medya, believes the strength of the stories is what will grab buyers’ attention. “Another strength of the Turkish dramas in our catalog is that they are fast-moving and very exciting,” Okan says.

Alongside its drama slate, the company will be speaking to buyers about its format catalog, including the interactive quiz show Join Instant and the game show Fifty Fifty. “The production quality of our titles is world class,” Okan adds.