NATPE Budapest Spotlight: Mediaset Distribution


BUDAPEST: The new crime series A Sicilian Story (Romanzo Siciliano) is one of the titles that Mediaset Distribution is presenting to buyers from the CEE region at NATPE Budapest.

The show spotlights a special task force operating in Sicily. The company is also offering up Task Force 45: Friendly Fire, which follows an Italian military officer who becomes involved in a terrorist conspiracy in Afghanistan, and The Siffredi Family, a reality show focused on the family of a former adult-entertainment star.

“We like to offer series [that are] adaptable for all countries,” says Manuela Caputi, who serves as head of international sales for the Mediaset catalog. Caputi also highlights the unscripted format Mr Brown, which aired successfully for many years on Italia 1.

Caputi adds: “Our plan is to increase the catalog and be ready to organize a big event dedicated to our Italian creativity.”