MIPTV Spotlight: TM International


CANNES: After having long been home to programs from Tele München Group, TM International is now also responsible for the international distribution of formats and productions from Odeon Entertainment and the Austrian broadcaster ATV.

“This guarantees TM International a regular supply of entertaining, creative and successful new TV formats,” says Carlos Hertel, the head of international sales at TM International.

Among these is the reality modeling show for women over 30, Catwalk 30+. Hertel says that the format is “totally different from any other model-casting show, as in each episode three female candidates aged over 30 compete against each other for one big modeling job. In the end, only one of them will get the job and win a modeling-agency contract.”

Big Stars: Celebrities Lose Weight follows ten celebrities as they work to slim down, guided by professional nutritionists and health experts. “The audience has a front-row seat to celebrities’ battles with sweaty exercise and healthy diets, which are informative and entertaining,” says Hertel.

Most Wanted is a dating show in which desirable bachelors finally find themselves steady girlfriends. “In each episode, five candidates try to conquer the heart of a ‘most wanted’ bachelor,” Hertel explains. “[Each bachelor] has to weigh his options, since he’s not looking for a flirt, but rather a woman who will share her life with him.”

Kerstin Gier’s best-selling Precious Stone trilogy consists of Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green. TM International is specifically promoting the second title to international buyers in Cannes. “Sapphire Blue is a unique blend of time-traveling mystery, adventure and a love story that just hits a nerve with the teenage audience,” says Hertel. “The main cast (made up of newcomers) is incredibly talented and attractive. All those elements together make this a very marketable feature film that appeals to young audiences worldwide.”

Other MIPTV highlights from TM International include Curse of the Falcon, a new drama series that airs on KiKA, and Hogi, a movie that follows the adventures of an endearing little hedgehog.