FightBox and Fast&FunBox Channels Head to Switzerland


NEW YORK: SPI International has secured carriage with the Digital Cable Group (DCG) in Switzerland for the sports channels FightBox HD and Fast&FunBox HD in the Swiss/German-speaking part of the country.

FightBox HD and Fast&FunBox HD have been added by DCG to its dedicated sports package. Both SPI channels are also available in an overall pay-TV package. FightBox HD is a dedicated martial arts channel, featuring live broadcasts of MMA and kickboxing events from Europe and the U.S. Fast&FunBox HD is devoted to extreme sports, including car racing, snowboarding and motorcross.

“FightBox and Fast&FunBox channels provide their viewers with a wide, global perspective on combat and extreme sports,” said Berk Uziyel, the executive director of FilmBox International. “We are very excited to introduce these channels in Switzerland and to take the advantage of the emphasis, which our local partner, the Digital Cable Group, has put on delivering content in HD format.”

Stefan Obrist, the CEO of DCG, added: “The need for sports content is obvious. Offering a wide variety of channels from all different kind of sports is a possibility to differentiate from our competitors, especially if channels like FightBox are covering a market niche.”