Report: More Than Half of Young Brits Plan to Stream World Cup


LONDON: New research from Voxburner investigating young people in the U.K. and their media-consumption habits during major sporting events reveals that more than half of the 16- to 24-year-olds surveyed plan to watch World Cup matches "all the time" or "regularly" on their PCs or laptops. 

An investigation into how young people will be following the tournament and which devices they will use to view games finds that a quarter (25 percent) will listen to the radio "all the time" or "regularly" for news, updates and commentary, 32 percent will use a tablet and 48 percent will use their mobile phone. Standard TV is still the go-to, though 14 percent of respondents say they won't use a television set in relation to the World Cup.

For those not watching a game, the majority of young people in the U.K. (61 percent) say they are likely to use a website such as Sky Sports, FIFA or BBC to get updates on the scores. A fifth (20 percent) say they will check Twitter.

Luke Mitchell, the head of insight at Voxburner, commented: "This will be the first World Cup to be heavily streamed. It’s no surprise that followers will go to news websites for latest scores, but Twitter’s role in this World Cup will be interesting given its user numbers have doubled since 2010’s tournament to 255 million."