SPI International to Unveil 4K Live Interactive Channel


CANNES: SPI International is introducing MadScreenBox, a live gaming channel featuring 4K content.

The game channel allows viewers to join and play games via their mobile phones and tablets during live broadcasts. Game hosts can interact with players using artificial intelligence. Gamers can talk to hosts on their mobile devices in real time.

In addition to games, the channel will also feature documentaries and music events. The service is ready for Android and iOS. It will be broadcast in three different formats: 4K, HD and SD. It is available for DTH, IPTV and Smart TV distribution worldwide.

“MadScreenBox is a revolutionary product as it creates a technological bridge that connects television, computers, mobile devices and engages millions of people worldwide to interact and enjoy gaming features within one global entertainment platform,” said Loni Farhi, the president of SPI International.