MIPCOM Spotlight: ITV-Inter Medya


CANNES: The popularity of Turkish dramas has been spreading from country to country, a trend that ITV-Inter Medya is looking to further capitalize on this MIPCOM.

The crop of dramas being presented by ITV-Inter Medya comes with a track record of solid ratings performances in Turkey. “According to our past experiences, we are pretty sure that they will perform successfully in other territories as well,” says Can Okan, the company’s president and CEO.

The series Black Rose, set in the small farming district of Halfeti, is the story of two brothers at war. The drama In Between is based on the novel Fatih-Harbiye from Peyami Safa, depicting life and love with all their contradictions and conflicts. The Family tells the stories of Gürcan, who can move things around with his mind; Zeynep, who can read minds; Tilki, who can become invisible; and Aylin, who can generate electricity from her fingers.