EBU Keeping Watch of Developments in Greece


GENEVA: The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) says that it is keeping a close watch on the developments in Greece, where the government has launched a replacement station for ERT.

Since the closure of ERT, the EBU has maintained ERT’s TV and radio frequencies through a live stream on the EBU site. The Greek government has now started airing a transitory broadcaster until the launch of a revised state public broadcaster has been sorted out. This channel went live on Wednesday night in Greece, transmitting a limited program of old movies and documentaries from private studios.

EBU director-general Ingrid Deltenre said the EBU is on standby to offer expertise to the Greek government and Pantelis Kapsis, the new deputy minister in charge of public service broadcasting, in reaching short and long-term solutions to provide independent, sustainable public service media.

“We are closely monitoring developments in Greece," Deltenre said, "and we express the hope that an agreement between the government and the ERT staff will unblock the situation and allow for the setting-up of an interim PSB run by journalists in line with basic public service values.”