Eurovision Song Contest Draws More Than 170 Million Viewers


GENEVA: More than 170 million viewers from 36 countries tuned in for the 58th Eurovision Song Contest, which was won by a female singer from Denmark.

In 24 of the 36 countries, more than one-third of the population watched the two semi-finals and the final of the contest. In eight of those countries, more than half of the population tuned in. The average audience for the final was 54.6 million.

Overall, the Eurovision Song Contest final achieved an average market share of 38.3 percent, which is 160-percent higher than the average peak time market share of around 15 percent. The average market share among countries that had finalists in the competition was 47.4 percent, which is 187-percent more than the average peak time share in those countries.

In all, 39 public broadcasters participated in the 2013 contest, which was transmitted live over the Eurovision and Euroradio networks via Swedish EBU member SVT.