European On-Demand Platforms Top 3,000 Mark


STRASBOURG: The European Audiovisual Observatory has found that there are now 3,087 on-demand content services operating across Europe.

The data covers catch-up TV, video platforms operated by newspapers and various VOD offerings, across different business models, including free ad-supported, pay-per-view, subscription based and services from public broadcasters.

In the European Union alone there were 2,733 on-demand services identified, of which 18 percent (447) were purely dedicated to film. In the U.K. there are 48 services, in France 34 and in Germany 33. The research points to a particularly large number headquartered in Luxembourg—86—and notes that many of these are primarily targeted at other markets, among them iTunes and Netflix.

The Observatory report also notes that it has identified 207 services based in the U.S. targeting one or more European markets.