DISCOP West Asia Spotlight: Kanal D


ISTANBUL: Kanal D is offering Lost City and Kuzey Güney to global buyers at DISCOP West Asia.

The strength of Turkish drama series has been evidenced by the success of shows such as Lost City and Kuzey Güney. Both series have been top performers in their native Turkey and have also gained international recognition.

There, the company will also be presenting the entertainment format My Partner Knows, which features couples who are dating, engaged or married. The couples participating in the show get to find out how much they really know about each other through a series of games. “We think this format can be adapted and played by any couple in any part of the world and become a huge success, just like it has in Turkey since the summer of 2012,” says Ozlem Ozsumbul, the head of sales and acquisitions at Kanal D. “The creative games and ways in which the couples get themselves into funny situations keeps the audience’s mind off the stresses of everyday life.”

Ozsumbul says that for Kanal D the “constant goal is to expand more.” Toward this effort, the company is targeting Latin America, the Far East and Western Europe, Ozsumbul adds.