Atmedia Sets Up New Audience Metrics System for Poland


WARSAW: Atmedia has established a new TV viewing measurement tool for Poland, SpotLight, in cooperation with UPC Polska and Nielsen.

The new TV ratings survey will be the largest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. The service will provide minute-by-minute monitoring of viewer behavior from more than 12,000 Polish viewers covering 5,000 households through data collected with digital decoders. Advertisers in the country had previously been dependent only on information collected by general market television surveys, which had a sample size of just 1,700.

Marcin Boroszko, the CEO of Atmedia Group, commented: "Launching SpotLight means that we will be able to monitor viewer behavior at a much more detailed level. Previously the sample in the Polish survey was too small to provide reliable insight into viewing trends, and so we have launched this new ratings panel to meet demand. Brands will be able to target their campaigns to specific audiences which is excellent news for both our viewers and also for advertisers. This is great news for everyone in the Polish television market."