Alex Mahon Takes CEO Post at Shine


LONDON: This September Alex Mahon is to take over day-to-day management of the 28 companies operating within the Shine Group as CEO, while Elisabeth Murdoch remains as chairman.

Murdoch has been serving as both CEO and chairman of Shine since the company’s inception, in 2001. While Mahon takes over the day-to-day management, Murdoch will continue to lead Shine’s creative talent, culture and strategy.

Mahon has been with the Shine Group since 2006, having joined as managing director of Shine TV from the role of COO at talkbackTHAMES.

Murdoch said: “As Shine further diversifies across genres, geographies and platforms, I believe that the continued growth of the company requires the chairman and CEO roles to be distinct and separate. Alex has earned this new leadership position in recognition of her substantial contribution to Shine’s growth from a single U.K.-based production company a decade ago to the global business we run today. The division of duties will focus Alex’s attention on managing the operational business whilst allowing me to concentrate on identifying future strategic opportunities and remaining the custodian of Shine’s unique culture of creative excellence.”

Mahon commented: “I am delighted to take on the chief executive office at Shine Group, it is a privilege to be given such an opportunity by Liz and our creative leaders. I look forward to continuing to work with her and the amazing team at Shine to realize the group’s collective ambitions.”