Sky Brings On-Demand Service to Italy


MILAN: Sky Italia customers will gain access to Sky on Demand as of July 1, bringing subscribers thousands of Sky programs that are available to watch anytime. 

The service is free of charge to existing subscribers. Sky Italia will offer the new on-demand service in advance exclusively to customers who have been subscribers for at least one year and who are equipped with My Sky HD. All other subscribers, who have been with Sky Italia less than a year but also have My Sky HD, will be able to start using Sky on Demand from November 1.  The move follows on the recent launch of Sky Go. 

“Sky is aware that the Italian government is facing important challenges though we are certain that our country will make it through this crisis and we are ready to employ this positive energy in order to constantly improve,” commented Andrea Zappia, the CEO of Sky Italia. "[Despite the uncertain economic context] we believe that Sky can grow a lot in the medium-long term…we will continue to invest because we want to be ready for the recovery…Our priority is to increase value for subscribers. Sky has undertaken a commercial strategy that rewards its clients.”

Zappia continued: “In nine years, Sky has invested more than 9 billion euros in Italy and 100 million euros in technology every year. The investment costs are still high. The Italian pay-TV market is still underdeveloped…. I don’t mind if Mediaset makes a profit, as in Italy there is room in the market. Our target is to increase the pay-TV market, not to fight for market share. Today represents a new phase for Sky Italia because Sky on Demand is the last phase of an innovation cycle that we have brought to Italy. With this new product, Italian pay TV will change radically.”