One in Ten U.K. Homes Still Unprepared for Digital Switchover


LONDON: As the deadline for the analog switchoff approaches, Digital UK, the body in charge of the process, warns that more than one million TV sets in the London region are set to go blank.

One in ten households still have a television relying on an analog signal. The analog BBC Two will close across the London region on April 4, followed by all remaining analog channels on April 18. As part of the transition, Freeview coverage will be boosted to reach more than 400,000 viewers who cannot receive it now.

Deborah Bain, the London manager for Digital UK, said: “We know from elsewhere in the country that some people leave it very late to prepare for switchover. Almost any set can be converted to digital, even black and white ones, so now is the time to get ready.

“Most people will find the process straightforward, but some may need a bit of extra help, so we will provide advice and assistance throughout the switchover period.”