Horror Channel Italy Focuses on Italian-Made Movies


LONDON: Chello Zone’s Horror Channel Italy is to premiere a season of films from Italy’s most prolific directorial talents, including Mario Bava, Gabriele Albanesi and Umberto Lenzi.

The Made In Italy season of movies, beginning in April, will exclusively feature works from top Italian filmmakers, including the supernatural thriller The House of Exorcism (Lisa e il Diavolo), starring Golden Globe winner Elke Sommer; the classic 1970s mystery bloodbath A Bay of Blood (Reazione a Catena) and the 2006 ghost horror The Last House in the Woods (Il Bosco Fuori). In addition, the channel will also air the zombie rampage chiller Nightmare City (Incubo Sulla Citta’ Contaminata).

Adam Robinson, Chello Zone’s director of programming, said, “Italy is rightly proud of its horror movie making heritage and we’re pleased to have responded to Horror Channel fans’ requests by offering a month of high calibre, home-grown talent.”