New Carriage Deals for Sundance Channel


PARK CITY: From the Sundance Film Festival, AMC/Sundance Channel Global announced new carriage deals in Portugal, Belgium, Poland, France and Taiwan.

At the end of 2011, Sundance Channel rolled out in Portugal on pay-TV platform ZON Multimédia. The channel has also secured carriage with Belgacom TV in Belgium, adding to previous distribution on Telenet. Last month, Sundance joined Polish IPTV operator SGT. And soon, Sundance will have expanded coverage in France following a deal with Virgin for distribution on the Virgin Box. Meanwhile, in Asia, Sundance is launching on Veetime in Taiwan as a 24/7 linear offering with Mandarin subtitles. In related news, Sundance Channel is rolling out an HD feed in Spain this month.

“These new distribution partnerships reflect the strong appetite for high quality, globally renowned entertainment from audiences and content distributors alike,” said Bruce Tuchman, the president of AMC/Sundance Channel Global. "We are thrilled to offer the outstanding programming of Sundance Channel and WE tv on a wide variety of cutting-edge multimedia platforms all over the world and have been especially proud of the performance of the key films that we have offered to our pay-TV subscribers on an on-demand basis during these films’ theatrical exhibition windows.”
Robert Redford, the founder of Sundance Channel, added, “It has long been a hope of mine that audiences internationally could experience the creativity and great filmmaking that comes out of Sundance, so I am happy to see the expansion of Sundance Channel Global. Our programming is designed to be inspiring and broaden people’s perspectives and I’m looking forward to the channel’s continued international growth over the coming year.”