StudioCanal Buys Majority Stake in Tandem


MUNICH/PARIS: StudioCanal has purchased a majority share in Tandem Communications, marking its first major move into the TV business.

Tandem is behind such products as The Pillars of the Earth, Dune, The Company and Dragons’ World. On the Tandem slate for 2012 are World Without End, based on Ken Follett’s bestseller, and the event mini-series Labyrinth, based on the novel by Kate Mosse. Rola Bauer, Tim Halkin and Jonas Bauer will remain shareholders and will continue to lead and further develop Tandem Communications.

StudioCanal, a subsidiary of Canal+ Group, has until now been working in co-productions, acquisitions and the distribution of international feature films. The move to buy into Tandem diversifies its activities to now include international TV series.

"StudioCanal stands for excellent quality," says Rola Bauer, Tandem’s president and partner. "Its brand value and strategic expertise will open new levels for growth potential in the years to come. StudioCanal has the foresight to support our entrepreneurial spirit and together we will multiply our respective strengths."

Olivier Courson, the chairman and CEO of StudioCanal, added: “With our multi-territory distribution network, the development of our international production, amplified by our slate financing deal, StudioCanal is really now a major studio in Europe. As all studios have done, the next logical move is to diversify into TV minis and series. We searched for the best partner in Europe and found Tandem as the ideal one. Their television strategy is in sync with our objective. We were meant to work together. I am really glad to develop this new activity with such talented and gifted producers as Rola, Tim and Jonas.”