Zurich Avenue Adapting Ellin Carsta Book Series


Zurich Avenue has unveiled its next two development projects, including a series adaptation of the Hansen books from author Ellin Carsta.

The German book series Hansen currently consists of eight volumes, with nearly 1.5 million copies of the books sold. Nicki Bloom (Paramount+’s A Thin Line) is attached as the lead writer. Zurich Avenue is producing the sweeping drama set in Hamburg, Vienna and Cameroon.

Also in development, So Happy For You is a feature film based on Celia Laskey’s best-selling novel of the same name. Laskey adapted the book for the screen. Zurich Avenue is producing the dark comedy about the Western wedding craze and the complexities of female friendship.

Viviana Vezzani and Karl Spoerri, co-founders, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with such talented writers as Celia Laskey and Nicki Bloom on these wonderful projects and always aim to tell smartly told and entertaining stories with rich characters. We look forward to developing these projects further and championing the fresh ideas and inspired voices behind them.”