Video Interview: Drift—Partners in Crime’s Ken Duken

Ken Duken and Fabian Busch star as an unequal pair of brothers and unexpected detective duo in the new Sky original Drift—Partners in Crime. In the series, Ali Zeller (Duken) and Leo Zeller (Busch) find themselves in an exhaustive search for the truth, traveling from the remote valleys of the Bavarian Alps to the narrow street canyons of Athens to the dry dirt tracks of the Peloponnese.

The series was produced by Heiko Schmidt with ACTION CONCEPT, in association with Sky Studios. Debuting later this month, the drama will be available in all Sky markets, including the U.K., Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with NBCUniversal Global Distribution taking it out internationally.

Duken sat down with TV Drama to discuss the physicality of the action-driven role and opportunities for actors amid an increasingly global drama business.