The Family Sets New Sales Record for MADD


MADD Entertainment has reached a new sales record for The Family, which has sold to more than 80 markets.

Starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ (Crash, Brave and Beautiful), The Family ranks as MADD Entertainment’s fastest-selling drama series. The series has sold into MENA, the U.S. Hispanic market and Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Israel, Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Honduras, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, CIS countries and LatAm.

In the series, Tatlıtuğ plays a notorious crime lord who must manage Istanbul’s underworld, as well as his strange family and new psychologist girlfriend, played by Serenay Sarıkaya (Phi, Medcezir).

The series premiered in March on Turkey’s Show TV, with the strongest launch of 2023.