Madd Entertainment Scores Sales in Spain


Madd Entertainment has licensed a raft of Turkish dramas in Spain, including Wild Heart

Five of the company’s newest ongoing series will soon be broadcast in prime-time slots in Spain. Along with Wild Heart, MADD has sold My Wonderful Life, The Brave, Dirty Laundry and Blooming Lady into the country.

“We’ve invested a lot of care in building our business there,” said Ateş İnce, managing director. “We believe in the long-term future of Turkish drama in Spain, and we work closely with our broadcast partners to help grow the audience on a steady, sustainable basis.”

At MIPTV, the company also unveiled its latest raft of Turkish dramas, including The Brave, Dirty Laundry, My Wonderful Life and more.

The Brave follows Halil, who returns to the Black Sea village of his birth. Halil was forced to flee when he was just five years old after his father was murdered by the local crime boss.

Medyapim’s Dirty Laundry is a portrait of the cleaners, caregivers and household help who work behind the scenes to make a wealthy lifestyle possible. The story follows one such group of women whose lives are spent cleaning up the messes left by others.

No Mercy, from Ay Yapim, blends action, romance and high stakes. Also from Ay Yapim, My Wonderful Life sees a woman born into adversity climb her way to the top of the social ladder.

The all-new Blooming Lady sees stay-at-home mother Bahar face a life-threatening illness. Across eight episodes, she decides to make some changes in her life, including going back to complete her medical residency.

Remember is also new. The series delves into the life of Umut Tanrikulu, a young man from a poor neighborhood with an extraordinary memory trait that allows him to remember every detail from every moment of his life.

Wild Heart sees Ali, who was abducted as a boy and ended up working for the gang that kidnapped him, escaping his captors and renaming himself in an effort to build a better life.