California Film Commission Offers Up $152 Million in Tax Credits


The California Film Commission has offered $152 million in tax credits to 12 television projects, which are projected to spend an estimated $1.1 billion in California during their upcoming seasons.

The 12 projects, including one relocating series, three recurring series and eight brand-new series, will support in-state local businesses and employ 2,300 crew, 2,200 cast and 50,000 background performers (measured in days worked). Among the projects benefiting from the tax credits is Amazon MGM Studios’ Fallout, which is relocating from New York for its second season.

Season two of Fallout is projected to contribute $153 million in qualified expenditures and employ approximately 170 cast and crew, making it one of the relocating projects with the largest total qualified expenditures in the Film and Television Tax Credit Program’s history.

With the addition of Fallout, the tax credit program has now attracted a total of 33 relocating series from other states and nations since it launched 2009.

The roster of new TV series benefiting from the tax program include Amazon MGM Studios’ untitled Task Force series, 20th Television’s Dr. Odyssey and Grotesquerie, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Latitude and The Pitt, Faith Media Distribution’s Blood Ties and Runaway Girl and CBS Studios’ NCIS: Origins.

The program is also supporting three recurring series, which are estimated to spend a combined $178 million in qualified expenditures and employ a total of 1,500 cast and crew.

The 12 projects will have an estimated 1,253 filming days in California, including 39 shoot days outside of the Los Angeles 30-mile studio zone.

“Our tax credit program is delivering precisely as intended: attracting and keeping productions filming in California, creating new job opportunities for our workforce and bolstering our local economies,” said Colleen Bell, executive director of the California Film Commission, emphasizing the program’s effectiveness in achieving its objectives. “Additionally, we are thrilled to bring Fallout back to its California roots. We take pride in productions choosing to pack up and relocate to our great state from other jurisdictions.”

A 20th Television spokesperson commented, “We are thrilled to film Ryan Murphy’s Grotesquerie for FX and Dr. Odyssey for ABC in California. It’s incredibly gratifying to keep television production jobs local in California, utilizing the world-class crew available here.”

“We’ve had the immense privilege to create stories with the talented crews and individuals in California for years,” said NCIS: Origins executive producers Mark Harmon, Sean Harmon, Gina Lucita Monreal and David J. North. “With the support of the California Film Commission, we are thrilled to film NCIS: Origins in Los Angeles, utilizing all of the fantastic resources, locations and, most importantly, the talented people in this city we love and call home.”