SkyShowtime Acquires Local Originals for Spain & Portugal


SkyShowtime has acquired two new original series for its service in Spain and Portugal, including Paramount and Morena Films’ The Invisible Ladies (Las Invisibles).

Centered around a group of maids who clean the rooms of a luxury hotel in the Mediterranean, The Invisible Ladies portrays the reality of women who struggle to earn a living but always find a moment to smile and appreciate life’s little pleasures.

Created by Héctor Lozano (Merlí: Sapere Aude) and directed by Menna Fité (Merlí: Sapere Aude) and Marta Díaz (Mi querida cofradía), the eight-part series stars Lolita Flores, Maria Pujalte, Yoshira Escárrega, Paula del Río, Paula Mirá, Yaël Belicha and Elena Irureta. It is set to debut at the Malaga Film Festival on March 16 and will land on SkyShowtime later this year.

SkyShowtime also picked up Paramount and El Deseo’s Fleeting Lies (Mentiras Pasajeras), starring Hugo Silva and Elena Anaya. It tells the story of a company director who is betrayed by her promotion rival and accused of industrial espionage one month before her wedding. When she is fired, she decides to keep it a secret from her family.

Silva and Anaya are joined in the cast by Pilar Castro, Quim Gutiérrez, Susi Sánchez, María Botto, María León, Pedro Casablanc and Julián López. El Deseo, the production company owned by brothers Agustín and Pedro Almodóvar, created Fleeting Lies as the first series in which Pedro himself serves as a producer.

Fleeting Lies is set to premiere at Series Mania on March 20 and will make its way to SkyShowtime later this year.