Polite Society Novel Set for TV Treatment


Marty Adelstein’s Tomorrow Studios is planning to adapt Polite Society, based on the forthcoming novel by Mahesh Rao (The Smoke Is Rising), for television.

A modern-day retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma set in contemporary Delhi, this will mark the first mixed-language series for the production company, as well as its first project set in India. Polite Society tells the story of Ania, the daughter of a wealthy Indian family who aspires to match-make for her friends and family, only to find herself caught up in an unforeseen scandal and an unexpected match of her own.

Adelstein and Becky Clements will executive produce the series, with Rao on board as a consultant.

Adelstein commented: “We are thrilled to be adapting Polite Society in our continued quest to find the most compelling characters and ways to tell their stories for a global TV audience. Mahesh’s novel strikes that rare balance of telling a wholly authentic story, while also feeling universally relatable.”

“I’m excited to see my written words leap off the page and onto the television screen with Tomorrow Studios and its partnership with ITV Studios bringing this story to an audience worldwide,” added Rao.