Novelas TV to Debut Coffee with the Scent of a Woman


Novelas TV, a Canal+ Group channel, is set to premiere Coffee with the Scent of a Woman in France, French overseas territories and French-speaking Africa on April 21.

The RCN Channel production follows the impossible love between a humble coffee picker and a young man belonging to an opulent coffee empire. The series has been dubbed in French for Novelas TV.

The drama is a remake of the original 1994 series of the same name from Fernando Gaitán. This adaptation comes from Adriana Suárez, Javier Giraldo and Paola Cazares, with Mauricio Cruz and Olga Lucía Rodriguez as directors. The cast features Laura Londoño, William Levy, Carmen Villalobos, Diego Cadavid, Lincoln Palomeque, Mabel Moreno, Katherine Vélez, Andrés Toro, Luces Velásquez, Juan David Agudelo, Laura Archbold, María Teresa Barreto and Yarlo Ruíz.

Coffee with the Scent of a Woman has already been seen in territories such as Spain, the U.S., Croatia, Slovenia, Israel, Paraguay, Hungary, Romania, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Panama and Chile and on the streaming platform Netflix, where it achieved more than 100 million hours of streaming time in its premiere week.