North Road & Sipur Team for Bad Boy


The North Road Company has set its first international co-studio deal with Sipur for Bad Boy, the latest series from Ron Leshem (Euphoria) and Hagar Ben-Asher (Bosch, City on a Hill).

North Road and Sipur (formerly Tadmor Entertainment) are co-financing the crime drama alongside the Israeli platform HOT and Tedy Productions.

The dark yet witty drama tells the story of Dean, who is imprisoned in a cruel juvenile detention facility. While in jail, Dean bonds with Zoro, a grim and mysterious teenage prisoner serving time for murder. To survive the harsh reality behind bars, Dean learns to harness his unique intelligence and creativity. Twenty years later, these traits still define Dean as a star comedian, while his time in jail is a secret threatening to resurface and tear his life apart.

Leshem and Ben-Asher created the show alongside Israeli comedian Daniel Chen, writers Moshe Malka and Roee Florentin, as well as Leshem’s longtime partners, producer-writer Amit Cohen (No Man’s Land, False Flag) and Daniel Amsel (Euphoria, Valley of Tears).

North Road’s international film and TV president, Kristin Jones, said: “The North Road team is thrilled to work with the incredibly talented Ron Leshem and Hagar Ben-Asher and the teams at Sipur, HOT and Tedy to bring this exceptionally compelling and poignant story to life and launch our promising foray into international co-productions.”

Sipur CEO Emilio Schenker added, “We brought the next big project from the brilliant creative minds of Ron and Hagar to Peter Chernin’s highly impressive North Road team, which instantly recognized the project’s massive global potential. We love this show and are confident viewers worldwide will share in our passion—and we could not ask for better local partners than HOT and Tedy to bring this series to life.”

Leshem said, “Hagar, the most brilliant, admired filmmaker to come out of Israel, agreed to create this one with us, which was a dream come true. For us, this is our next Euphoria, backed by the creative team that made the original Euphoria possible, HOT and Tedy Productions. We are most grateful for our partners who brought this journey to life as a high-end international drama, Emilio Schenker, SIPUR and The North Road Company, for their trust and wisdom.”

HOT commented, “We are happy and excited about this new collaboration with Sipur and North Road. HOT, Tedy and Ron are the trio that brought forth one of the most captivating and successful shows to come out of Israel, and we are certain that this new project will be an enthralling and riveting endeavor. We will continue to create quality content that brings pride to Israel across audiences and borders.”

Tmira Yardeni, founder and owner of Tedy Productions, commented, “We are proud to once again partner with HOT and Ron, and together with Hagar, bring the next big television event to the world.”