New Mystery Thriller from CBS Studios Begins Filming


Oderbruch (working title), a new mystery thriller series from CBS Studios, ARD Degeto and Syrreal Entertainment, has begun shooting in Görlutz, Germany.

When numerous bodies are found in the Oderbruch region along the Polish border, German detective Roland Voit and Polish police officer Stanislaw Zajak must work together to investigate. One of Voit’s former colleagues joins the investigation when her family comes under immediate suspicion.

Karoline Schuch (Dark Woods), Felix Kramer (Dogs of Berlin) and Lucas Gregorowicz (Police Call 110, Pagan Peak) star alongside André Hennicke (Pandorum), Alix Heyblom (Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo), Winfried Glatzeder (Die Legende von Paul und Paula), Robert Glatzeder (In aller Freundschaft) and Jan Krauter (3 ½ hours).

Series creator and head writer Arend Remmers developed the series concept with Adolfo J. Kolmerer. Kolmerer also directs, along with Christian Alvart. Siegfried Kamml, Alvart and Timm Oberwelland from Syrreal Entertainment serve as producers.

Oderbruch is being filmed in both Germany and Poland, with shooting scheduled to continue through the summer.