Narcos’ Matias Varela to Co-Star in Scandi Thriller Blinded


Matias Varela (Narcos) is set to co-star alongside Julia Ragnarsson (Spring RiverVikings) in Blinded (Fartblinda), all3media international’s first Scandinavian drama.

The series follows young journalist Bea Farkas (Ragnarsson) who, in pursuit of the next scoop, detects irregularities in the ST Bank’s trading department, where Peder Rooth (Varela) is the CEO. Bea may pay a high price in pursuit of the truth.

The 8×1-hour series is based on the books by economics journalist Carolina Neurath. It will premiere on C More and TV4 in Scandinavia, where it will be known as Fartblinda. Blinded is the international title.

“The audience will experience Fartblinda as a fresh series, something out of the ordinary,” said Ragnarsson. “I feel humble and grateful for this mission. But it’s always a bit nervous to take on such a big task. We have not seen any thriller that takes place in this environment in Sweden before.”

Varela added: “It’s going to be incredibly fun to do Fartblinder/Blinded. Getting to work with Julia for the first time is such a wonderful opportunity. In a way, it feels like coming home—I started my career as a guy on TV4 and have been away from Sweden in recent years.”

Lisa Dahlberg, executive producer, commented: “Julia Ragnarsson and Matias Varela are a dream duo! They are two truly outstanding actors. Under the direction of Jens Jonsson and Johan Lundin, Fartblinda/Blinded will be an amazing television series!”