MIPCOM Spotlight: Saran Studios


Saran Studios, the newest division within Saran Media Group, is presenting at MIPCOM the daily drama A Mother’s Love.

In the series, when the mother of a little girl with a heart defect dies in a car crash, her father hires a lookalike to pretend to be her mother until she is old enough for heart surgery. Starring Selin Sezgin, Gece Işık Demirel and Erol Gedik, A Mother’s Love’s mysteries include the lookalike’s identity and who is pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

It has already been sold into Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Israel, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru. “The success of our first production, A Mother’s Love, indicates our experience and professionalism in content creation,” says Esra Ercan, Saran Studios’ head of sales.

“Our focus is to make connections with new partners and present A Mother’s Love and our other projects in the pipeline,” Ercan adds.