MIPCOM Spotlight: Inter Medya


Sadi Payaslı leaves his bullying past behind when he becomes a high school geography teacher in Inter Medya’s Another Chance.

Before long, his life takes another turn when the school welcomes a new student, who happens to be his long-lost son. Another Chance “tells a father-son story in a striking and heartwarming way,” says Can Okan, CEO and founder. “The series shows that everyone deserves a second chance, making audiences laugh and cry at the same time.”

In The Girl of the Green Valley, an orphaned child named Melissa finds an unlikely new home with the timid middle-aged Metin and his sister Meral on their farm.

Hicran follows the titular young woman, who believes that the daughter she was told died at birth is actually alive. After meeting and saving the life of a young girl named Melek, she is hired as her babysitter, unknowingly looking after her own daughter. “All through the dramatic intrigues, power struggles and chaos surrounding the family, Melek and Hicran embrace each other with love,” says Can Okan, founder and CEO of Inter Medya.

“At Inter Medya, our biggest goal is always to reach new countries and business partners by expanding our library,” Okan says. He adds, “This year, as always, we have added many new and successful titles to our catalog.”