MIPCOM Spotlight: Russia Television and Radio/Sovtelexport


The big-budget historical drama Godunov, on offer from Sovtelexport, is about one of the most mysterious figures in Russian history, Boris Godunov.

“The uniqueness of the series can be seen in the historical authenticity, spectacular costumes and great cast,” says Julia Matyash, the director of Sovtelexport, which distributes programming from Russia Television and Radio.

The company also has in its catalog Desperate Wives, a drama about strong women who would risk anything for the happiness of their families. “The zest of the series is the magnificent recreation of the atmosphere of Russia in the ’90s,” Matyash says.

Further highlights include The Maze, a modern melodrama, and Anna Karenina, a classic drama based on Tolstoy’s famous novel. Complementing the slate of dramas is Megapolis, a doc special about Moscow.

“Our goal has always been to introduce top Russian products to the world,” says Matyash.