MIPCOM Spotlight: Legendary Television


A multi-language title, the Legendary Television highlight Drops of God is an adaptation of the wine-centered Japanese manga series of the same name.

It follows a daughter’s journey after she learns that her estranged father has left her with his wine collection—with the caveat that she must compete against his protégé. “This groundbreaking drama excels in character-driven storytelling,” says Anne Thomopoulos, partner.

The company’s first Spanish-language production, the thriller You Would Do It Too is about an armed robbery that leaves the three assailants dead—and six witnesses who won’t identify the fugitive who saved their lives.

A heist drama based on a true story of a woman in Lisbon who went on a bank-robbing spree in 2008, Vanda is also among Legendary’s highlights.

“Each of these series highlights aspects of the human condition and shares universal themes of loss, justice and hope that audiences can relate to,” Thomopoulos says.