Madd Entertainment Adds Four Titles to Slate


Madd Entertainment is bringing to the international market four new series that just launched in Turkey: Be My Sunshine; Love, Reason, Get Even; Love Reserved and My Dad, My Hero.

“Madd’s unique position in the market not only means we have the strongest Turkish titles, but that we can turn them around quickly,” said Managing Director Ateş İnce. “Turkish drama is a truly international phenomenon. More and more of our customers want to air the new hit dramas just behind or even right along with Turkish audiences. We’re happy to accommodate them!”

From Ay Yapim, the romantic drama Be My Sunshine stars Alp Navruz (The Phoenix, Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters) and Ayça Ayşin Turan (Ariza, Love Storm, Meryem). Turan plays Haziran, a city girl devoted to her career and the fast-paced lifestyle of Istanbul. But when her company sends her to a remote Aegean island to clear the way for a new resort, she meets Pyroaz (Navruz) and one mistake changes her life forever. The series premiered on June 15 and airs Tuesday nights on Show TV under the Turkish title Ada Masalı.

The romantic comedy Love, Reason, Get Even, from Medyapim and No:9 Productions, recently debuted on Turkey’s FOX network. Adapted from the Korean comedy Cunning Single Lady, it stars Burcu Özberk (Love Trap, Abandoned, Magnificent Century), İlhan Şen (Grand Family, Falcon Crest), Melisa Döngel (Love Is In The Air, Story of Us, Elif) and Burak Yörük (Nehir, 4N1K). It centers on Esra, who married and led a stable life with Ozan, a bright young engineer entering the civil service, until the day he quit his government job to start his own company. As a result, Esra takes on three jobs just to keep the family afloat, while Ozan bounces from one bankruptcy to another, until the two divorce. Years later, Ozan’s social media app has made him a wealthy celebrity as Esra is still struggling financially. And after running into a cold and arrogant Ozan, Esra finds her way into his company and concocts a plan to take her revenge.

Love Reserved is a brand-new drama from Ojo Pictures and Ay Yapim that sees successful career woman Leyla run into the glass ceiling when an outsider—the man who broke her heart at school—is brought in to run the division of her restaurant chain. After resigning, Leyla starts a new restaurant across the street, going to war with her former firm and one-time lover. The series premiered on June 9 on Show TV, where it airs as Cam Tavanlar.

My Dad, My Hero premiered on June 7 and airs on Show TV under the Turkish title Kahraman Babam. It centers on Uğur is a veteran firefighter who lost his wife, whose family blames Uğur for her death in a fire and are now fighting him in court for custody of his only daughter, Ömrüm. Uğur ultimately embarks on a dangerous mission to find his wife’s killers while trying to prove that he’s a fit father for Ömrüm. My Dad, My Hero is a co-production of Onuncu Ev and Ay Yapim starring Görkem Sevindik (The Oath), Ebrar Alya Demirbilek (Hercai) and Nilay Deniz (Romance Next Door).