La Porta Rossa Set for Russian Remake


STUDIOCANAL’s La Porta Rossa, a crime thriller with a supernatural twist, is being adapted in Russia for TV-3.

The Russian treatment will be produced in-house by TV-3’s new production arm, 1-2-3 Production, and will be distributed internationally by STUDIOCANAL. The story begins as a police commissioner enters the scene of a murder—but the dead man is him. A vision of the future stops him from exiting this world; he must stay to find his killer because it is the only way to save the life of his wife.

The finished Italian original has been sold to AMC Networks Latin America, M-Net in Africa, Rialto in New Zealand, MTVA in Hungary and Manoto in Iran.

Beatriz Campos, head of international sales at STUDIOCANAL, commented, “La Porta Rossa is a complex and intriguing crime drama with a supernatural twist which sets it apart. The series is full of universally relatable themes like love, loss and revenge which means it resonates with viewers in many different markets. At a time when local content is key to stand out, our high-quality scripted formats offer an effective solution for broadcasters and platforms operating in an extremely competitive marketplace.”

Lily Sherozia, chief marketing officer at TV-3, added: “The deal with STUDIOCANAL is even more pleasant for us due to the fact that it is the first international agreement for the young production company 1-2-3 Production, established in April 2018 to create TV-3’s own projects. TV-3 is the unique federal channel famous for mystery and drama. Our content surprises you, broadens your imagination and gives an opportunity to see the world wider than you used to see. We focus on unexpected, courageous projects; our slogan is everything but the usual. The series La Porta Rossa fulfills all the criteria.”