The Awoken Set for TV Treatment


Keshet Studios has acquired the rights to develop Katelyn Monroe Howes’ debut novel, The Awoken, as a TV series.

A futuristic thriller, The Awoken tells the story of a woman with terminal cancer who decides to undergo cryogenic preservation in a bid to survive while leaving behind the love of her life. Waking up a century later, she learns that being among the resurrected is now a serious crime.

The Awoken will be adapted for television by Howes, an L.A.-based writer and documentarian.

Lisa Roos, Keshet Studios’ executive VP of television, said: “We are really thrilled to have closed this deal with Katelyn. We love that The Awoken is an ambitious idea with a sweeping love story, and although it takes place in the future, it tackles real issues that are relevant to today.”

Howes added: “Keshet Studios is the perfect partner to bring The Awoken to the screen. I couldn’t be more excited to have their incredible story sense and character-driven instincts behind this.”