Globo Releases First Series in 4K HDR


SÃO PAULO: Globo has rolled out its miniseries Dangerous Liaisons in 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR), marking its first production released in that format.

The title will be available on Globo Play, with viewers able to access the content via the Globo app on a smart TV compatible with the technology. In addition to the miniseries, Globo will offer coverage of the Olympic Games’ opening ceremony in 4K HDR, with other programs launching in the coming months.

An image broadcast in HDR allows the audience to see more details and tones between the black and white colors. This distance is amplified more than ten times when compared to the SDR (Standard Dynaminc Range) image.

“Globo is a pioneer when it comes to adopting technologies that offer the best in image quality and content experience for the audience,” said Raymundo Barros, the CTO of Globo. “Images treated in HDR deliver an experience as close to the human eyes as possible. We have been capturing content that could be finished in HDR for at least three years, and now we are able to distribute such content in Brazil. It is a milestone in our market evolution and places us ahead of the most modern experiences available in worldwide television.”