Globo Series Debut in Uruguay


Two hit Globo productions have launched in Uruguay on Teledoce, including the series Run for Your Lives (Corran por sus vidas).

The show centers on three girls who must join a protection program after witnessing a murder in Cancún. Leaving behind their lives and dreams, they take on new identities in a small city in Brazil.

Once We Were Six (Éramos Seis), inspired by Maria José Dupré’s book, follows the Lemos family across three decades and centers on Lola, a stubborn mother willing to do anything to keep her children united against social and economic hardships.

“The plot revolves around the strength of this woman and her family, living out of few resources but surrounded by affection,” said writer Angela Chaves.

Run For Your Lives airs at 4 p.m. every weekday on Teledoce, followed by Once We Were Six at 5 p.m.