Globo Places Trail of Lies into France


SÃO PAULO: The Globo telenovela Trail of Lies has landed in France, where it’s slated to debut on broadcaster France Ô.

The production will premiere as L’ombre du mensonge sometime this month. It follows the story of a willful woman whose newborn baby is kidnapped by her own brother, who is attempting to become the sole heir to their family’s fortune. The France Télévisions-owned network has already aired such Globo hits as Brazil Avenue and The Clone.

In Portugal, Trail of Lies was broadcast by SIC. It has already been licensed into countries such as Poland (ITVN), Armenia (Public TV), the U.S. (MundoMax), Mozambique (Soico), Colombia (RCN), Argentina (Telefe) and Mexico (TV Azteca), among others.