Fremantle Inks First-Look Deal with AlterEgo


Fremantle has signed a first-look deal with Stefano Sollima, Gina Gardini and Ludovico Purgatori’s AlterEgo.

Sollima’s Adagio was AlterEgo’s debut film, produced in partnership with Fremantle’s The Apartment. AlterEgo is currently in postproduction on its second project, the TV drama Il Mostro, directed by Sollima and co-produced with The Apartment for Netflix. Under the new deal, the AlterEgo team will work closely with Fremantle’s Andrea Scrosati, group COO and CEO for continental Europe.

The AlterEgo team will also work closely with Fremantle’s Christian Vesper, CEO of global drama.

AlterEgo joins a collection of creatives under the Fremantle banner. Other first-look deals with Fremantle are in place with Kristen Stewart, Dylan Meyer and Maggie Mclean’s Nevermind Pictures; Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín’s Fabula; Luca Guadagnino; Paolo Sorrentino; Angelina Jolie; Rachel Weisz and Polly Stokes’ Astral Projection; Edward Berger and his label Nine Hours; Johan Renck and Michael Parets’ Sinestra; and Patrick Daly’s Caledonia Productions, among others.

“I have had the immense privilege of working with Stefano for over 15 years, he is an incredible talent,” Scrosati said. “His unique vision makes him one of the best directors globally, capable of creating some of the most intense and credible scenes on screen, and on top of this, he is truly a wonderful person. I also had the pleasure of working with Gina on many projects, and she is a force of nature, passionate and strong in her producing skills. And finally, I look forward to working more with Ludovico, another real talent in the industry. I feel honored that Stefano, Gina and Ludovico have chosen to join forces with Fremantle. I have no doubts that together we will create something pretty special.”

“We’re thrilled to enter a first-look deal with the international powerhouse Fremantle, a company that has fostered the growth of creative talent around the globe,” commented Sollima, Gardini and Purgatori. “After the fantastic collaboration on our first two projects, we can’t wait to get started on the next adventure with Andrea Scrosati and all his team.”