Freedom Scripted & All3Media International in First-Look Deal


The Scottish indie Freedom Scripted has signed a first-look distribution deal with All3Media International.

Freedom Scripted, which secured investment from C4 Indie Growth Fund last summer, will be partnering with All3Media International on its diverse scripted slate, which focuses on thought-provoking, character-led drama.

Freedom Scripted’s managing director, Mike Ellen, said: “Freedom is super excited to be working with the mighty All3Media International. With the line between commissioning and acquisition blurring at both ends of the market, it’s never been so important to think about global distribution and finance from a project’s inception, however local it may be. All3Media International has a stellar track record and a team second to none. They understand the U.K. scripted model, how that plugs in internationally and have a proven commitment to ambitious Nations and Regions producers.”

Lauren Jackson, scripted content executive at All3Media International, added: “Freedom is working with a strong range of writers on great pieces of IP and original projects. They have an exciting and rich scripted slate, and we are so pleased to be working with Mike and his team.”