Eagle Eye Drama Launching New Indie in Belgium


Eagle Eye Drama, which is behind such shows as Professor T, Suspect, Hotel Portofino and Before We Die, has set up the new Belgium-based production company Happy Duck Films.

Award-winning director Dries Vos (The Day, Professor T, Suspect) and producer Hiskia Van Aert (Undercover, Tabula Rasa, Rough Justice) have been tapped to lead the new venture, which will be based in Flanders and will be producing a wide range of English-language titles. 

Vos will be joining the board of directors of Happy Duck Films, alongside Isobel Nicholson, U.K. head of production. 

Eagle Eye Drama’s chief creative officer, Jo McGrath, said: “When we set up Eagle Eye three years ago, our core aspiration was to break exciting new talent into the U.K. production community. We were determined to look beyond our shores and to utilise wonderful high calibre creatives from Europe and around the world who could bring a fresh tone and feel to the screen. We have always been drawn to Flanders as a rich source of strong creatives in all disciplines of scripted programme making, so the region was always likely to be the natural next step in our growth trajectory. Dries’ reputation as one of the very best Directors in Flanders will ensure Happy Duck Films is a magnet for new talent and will keep Eagle Eye on the edge of creative, artistic and commercial innovation.”

Eagle Eye Drama’s CEO, Walter Iuzzolino, added: “Great program makers are the bedrock on which every successful production business is founded and a key pillar of Eagle Eye’s strategic growth plan, so enhancing our business portfolio with a new talent based company is an important milestone in our growth trajectory. We are delighted to welcome Dries and Hiskia to the Eagle Eye family to create plenty more memorable shows for years to come.”

Vos said: “Working with Eagle Eye over the past two years was an exciting opportunity to bring some of the best creatives from Flanders into the prestigious arena of English language program making. It was a match made in heaven, and the new venture will take our shared ambition to the next level, becoming a gateway for the best and most visionary talent from Flanders, Belgium and beyond to create a rich slate of great British shows.”