MIPCOM Spotlight: Bavaria Media International


Bavaria Media International has on offer The Heart of Cape Town, a movie inspired by the true story of the first heart transplant.

The groundbreaking surgery was carried out by Christiaan Barnard in December 1967 in Cape Town. The film tells the story of Hamilton Naki, a Black man who assisted Barnard.

The ten-part crime series Cold Valleys sees an unlikely team of police officers solve twisted rural crimes. “Richly plotted, with its charming and charismatic investigator duo, the series is a must for lovers of the genre,” says Helge Köhnen, head of content sales.

Sugarlovedotcom centers on an academic couple who invites a young student into their relationship for sex. Köhnen says the movie is “a multifaceted, clever drama around a love triangle, which surprisingly develops into an entertaining thriller.”

“We invite all interested buyers to visit us and 
look forward to presenting our full catalog with the newest MIPCOM highlights,” Köhnen notes.