DuckTales Bandit Drama Sells into the U.S., Australia


The six-part series I Am Scrooge, based on the man at the center of one of the most notorious extortion cases in German criminal history, is making its way across the globe, with sales in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Denmark, Latvia and Hungary.

Set in Berlin in 1988, the series follows the story of Arno Funke, who was labeled by The New Yorker as “The DuckTales Bandit” after building bombs in his kitchen and detonating them at night in high-end department stores as leverage for extortion. Though detectives were hot on his trail, he fools the police under his new alias “Scrooge McDuck.”

Friedrich Mücke (Liberame, Funeral for a Dog) portrays Funke in the series.

Beta Film has sold I Am Scrooge to the U.S. and Canada (MHz), Australia (SBS), Denmark (DR), Latvia (TET) and Hungary (RTL). Further negotiations with key clients are ongoing.

The series is produced by Beta Film subsidiary Zeitsprung Pictures, the producers of Netflix’s German hit series Kleo. It will debut on RTL+ in Germany later this year.