Banijay Rights Sends Serial Lover to Spain


Spanish broadcaster Atresmedia has acquired the French drama Serial Lover from Banijay Rights.

Co-produced by Shine Fiction and Amaury Fournial (Sibaro Films), the series tells the story of a man who lives many different lives as a pilot, a surgeon, a broker, a journalist and more, developing a new personality for each. He manipulates everyone around him, especially women, who he targets and steals from.

Serial Lover stars Flora Bonaventura, Helena Nogera, Odile Vuillemin, Elodie Frégé and Jonathan Zacaï. It was written by Alice Den Broek and directed by Fred Berthe.

Marion Vergnaud, senior VP for Italy, Iberia and Malta at Banijay Rights, said: “Serial Lover is a multi-layered story of a con artist whose life has one purpose: to deceive others, with women—unfortunately—his preferred target. We’re pleased this compelling and complex series will launch on Atresmedia and engage a whole new audience in Spain.”

Jose Antonio Salso, head of acquisitions and international sales at Atresmedia, commented: “At Atresmedia, we are happy to be the home of Serial Lover in Spain—and we are proud to be the leaders in this market with a mix of the best content around the world.”

Dominique Farrugia, managing director at Shine Fiction, said: “Following a successful launch in France, I look forward to seeing Serial Lover make its debut in Spain. With an incredibly tense and engaging storyline, this gripping drama has all the elements to get the audience hooked from start to finish.”

Fournial, CEO Sibaro Films, added: “It’s great to hear Serial Lover will be airing in Spain. Inspired by real-life events, this scripted series about an expert manipulator can be easily adapted in every country. I look forward to seeing how this riveting and twisty thriller will captivate the Spanish audience.”