MIPCOM Spotlight: Tricon Films & Television


CANNES: Viewers will learn an abundance about different types of eats in Food’s Greatest Hits, part of Tricon Films & Television’s offering at MIPCOM.

Andrea Gorfolova, the company’s president, says the show is “about food, fun facts and the people who took these classics and made them a part of our collective identity.” In Unchained, viewers are exposed to the history of motocross, from its beginnings through to its present popularity.

Wheels Through Time Museum’s curator, Dale Walksler, hosts All American Wheels, another highlight from Tricon. The program takes audiences on a quest through America’s barns and backyards for vintage motorcycles that Walksler brings back to life for his museum or to sell at auction. Alongside factual, the company offers a scripted slate that includes the drama Forgive Me and dramedy Sensitive Skin.

“The demand for lifestyle programming, specifically in the areas of food, real estate, travel and hobbies, has been increasing,” Gorfolova adds.