Cuts Made in Telefilm Canada Program Funding Budget


MONTREAL: Tasked with reducing its expenses by C$10.6 million over the next three years, Telefilm Canada has announced cuts to its development and production financing funds.

The organization is working towards saving C$2.7 million this year by focusing on its core activities and using "a balanced approach in terms of where reductions will be made."

Overall, C$1.7 million will be cut from the program financing fund, and C$1 million from administrative costs.

Development funding is being slashed by C$700,000—including C$150,000 by axing the Fonds Francophone d’Aide au Développement Cinématographique partnership to finance French-language film screenplays. The fund for producing theatrical docs will be reduced by C$500,000. Telefilm Canada will also reduce is promotion and training expenses by C$500,000.

In addition, the organization is cutting 30 full-time positions—16 in the first year—in its bid to reduce administrative costs. Cuts will also be made in budgets for professional services, travel expenses and other administrative costs.