Cream Productions Launches Green Initiative


Cream Productions has pledged to continue to reduce its carbon footprint and hired Angelica Siegel as sustainability strategy manager.

The company is currently on track to be carbon negative across all of its corporate and production operations throughout 2021. Siegel will oversee and coordinate Cream Productions’ green efforts across all offices and for all productions to ensure it stays on track.

Siegel will draw on her academic background in circular economy and food sustainability, along with her ten years of marketing and innovation scale-up experience. She has consulted for clients such as UNICEF, Jewish National Fund of Canada, Rally Rally Design, Switchgear Consulting and The Food Coach.

The eco-conscious team also includes Patrick Cameron as senior VP of operations; Irene Vandertop as director of business development, finance and digital; and Cameron Sparks and Ricky Grella as production coordinators. The team will measure and purchase offsets to counter any carbon emissions.

“Caring about the health of the planet is part of Cream’s DNA, and there’s no better way to make a measurable difference than by starting at the ground level within the workplace,” said Cameron. “By making green thinking a vital part of our company’s culture, we’re hoping to set an example that can be embraced by anyone who wants to make an impact.”