BRB Pictures Wraps Production on Christmas Movie


With COVID-19-related precautions in place, Canada’s BRB Pictures has been able to wrap production on its first project, the TV movie Christmas Forgiveness.

BRB Pictures worked with British Columbia’s unions and guilds and the film’s cast and crew to create an environment where people can return safely to work. The film is being handled in Canada by Jhod Cardinal’s Upstream Flix and internationally by Nicely Entertainment, the company formed by former Gaumont executive Vanessa Shapiro.

“BRB Pictures has been working hard to adapt production to the new physical distancing realities, and we have implemented numerous protocols to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19 on set,” said Jenni Baynham, executive producer. “Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia, has provided incredible leadership throughout this pandemic, and we’ve tried to echo her sensibility with our safety protocols on set. The efforts we’ve seen across B.C. have allowed our industry to reopen quickly, which we’re extremely grateful for, and we continue to work diligently to ensure production moves forward with the cast and crew’s safety as our utmost priority.”

“BRB Pictures was established as a direct response to the desire for more content to be produced which originates from and is led by Canadians,” added Kristofer McNeeley. “I am proud to work with this tremendous team of experienced and talented Vancouver-based filmmakers and excited to see them in production on their very first seasonal holiday movie in a genre that we know has broad appeal the world over.”