Blue Ant International Adds Short-Form Titles to Catalog


TORONTO: Ahead of MIPTV, Blue Ant International has expanded its catalog with the addition of a new category, Digital Studios, featuring short-form digital content in the natural history, comedy, animation, paranormal and lifestyle genres, including Paranormal Survivor: Evil Surrounds You.

The expanded slate of short-form content includes new series that showcase innovative technology such as Paranormal Survivor: Evil Surrounds You. The show was produced using 360-degree technology and places the viewer in the middle of an eerie paranormal experience.

Some of the new short-form natural-history series that Blue Ant International will be presenting at MIPTV include Wild Moves, 4K Baby Wildlife and Casey Anderson’s: Wild Earth. There is also the digital short series Home Chef to Pro Chef.

Additionally, Blue Ant International has added nonlinear series to its comedy, animation and lifestyle offering. Highlights include Prank You, The Brief, Gary and Demons and Brojects/Brojects in the House.

“The appetite for short-form content, to fuel social media and digital platforms, continues to rise as buyers seek out this content to complement their linear television brands worldwide,” said Solange Attwood, the senior VP of Blue Ant International. “Our clients know that viewer consumption habits continue to rise on emerging platforms and we will continue to meet their demands and deliver this product.”